Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?

You can take bus, car, fly, white water rafting trip… Many possibilities. Check our Location page for full details.

Why should I go there? What makes Puerto Viejo worth visiting?

If you don’t see the Caribbean coast, you are really missing half the country.

What’s there to do there?

We’re happy to arrange activities for you in the area — there’s so much to do!

Some of our favorites are hikes in Cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife refuge (you’re sure to see monkeys and many other animals on these treks), Whitewater rafting (it’s world class!), Canopy/zipline trips and going out on turtle (in-season) or bird watching treks.

On the water you can go snorkeling, scuba diving or just travel along the coast and see dolphins and the great scenery.

Let us know if you’d like more information on any of these activities or if you’d like us to arrange them for you.

What is the weather like?

rainfall_2012Contrary to common opinion that it rains all the time on the Caribbean, there are actually places such as Manuel Antonio that get more inches per year. The difference is that on this side, it is more spread out over the year. Also note that most rain comes at night and days clear by early-late morning.

Our neighbor Charlotte has graciously let me use her rain chart that shows trends in rain patterns. You will note that while there are some trends, it’s still a crap shoot. And most time, when it rains, it may be short, but dump an amount of water you might have never seen before. It can be very magical.

Playa Negra Surf BreakWhat about surfing in the area?

Surfing is very popular in this area. Loco Natural is located near Playa Negra beach. Some local surfers that prefer to be on their own like to surf in this area. Just down from our house towards town is a great beginners surfing break. It is very popular with younger (non-adult) surfers and instructors.

For the more avid surfer, best is Salsa Brava or Cocles beach which is just at south end of town. For more info on surfing in Costa Rica, check out CR Surf.

What do we need to bring?

Not much. House is fully equipped including bath towels and bed linens. Please bring your own beach towel. Kitchen is well equipped and corner store is about 300 meters away. A flashlight is essential for nighttime plus there are plenty of nocturnal animals you will be able to see.

What About Maid Service?

People who rent more for one week or more will receive maid service once a week if desired.  This will include a full, light cleaning of the house and change of towels & bed linens.

How far is the Loco Natural property from town?

We are a little less than a mile from Puerto Viejo in the Playa Negra neighborhood. A 5 minute walk to the beach, and a gorgeous 15 minute walk along beach to town. And it is about 5 minutes by bike. We are located north of town 150 meters off the main road.

I have a dog(s). Is that a problem?

Yes it is. Unfortunately no dogs are allowed.

What about Internet Service?

All houses are equipped with highspeed wireless internet for our guests.  Just bring your laptop, tablet or phone and stay connected.

Do we need air conditioning?

Actually it is very rare for houses here to have A/C. It does not get as hot as Pacific side and fans seem to always be sufficient.

What about Mosquitoes and Bugs?

They come and go. But remember, you’ll be staying in the jungle where flora and fauna are abundant. All beds are equipped with high quality mosquito nets to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Repellent comes in handy on the occasional bad bug days.

Is the house and area safe?

The houses are private and secure compared to most rentals due to their seclusion. As for the area, petty theft is a problem throughout Costa Rica and especially beach towns. Puerto Viejo is no more affected than any other places.